Proven used windturbines

With the Danish, German and Dutch used wind turbine range we offer well suited wind turbines for almost every region worldwide.

In the used wind turbine market we can see a worldwide movement towards used wind turbines. In the used wind turbine market it is difficult to see which products will suite your needs the best. In the range of 50kW up to 1.5MW BS green has proven that there is a market for all types of turbines. For example: with the used turbines of Vestas, Enercon, Nordtank, Nordex,  Bonus, Tacke etc. we have gained a high number of experience of these highly proven technologies. Therefore it is important for you to have a competent partner.

As a whole seller of used wind turbines we concentrate on our core competence. Besides our core competences we have experience in the development and selling of new and existing wind parks.

BS green: More than 10 years of proven business in the used wind turbine market

No other business has made a quicker development and growth as the used wind turbine market. Bs green as a leader in this market has sold more than 300 used wind turbines to 28 countries. Our offices in the Netherlands and Germany will give us the benefits of a growing national and international seller of used wind turbines.
We will continue signaling the movements in the market which will significantly grow in the coming years.

Our BSEG holding is also located in the Netherlands and therefore we are in control of coordinating the two 100% daughter companies, well known as bs green GmbH and bs green BV as part of the bs green Group.  Because of the growing market and our strategic position in Europe we are sure to expand within the next years.


  • Vestas V25-200kW