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1 xLW8- Rostock

If you want to sell used windturbines you have to know what you are talking about

More than 10 years of international experience in used windturbines
Almost no other companie in the used windturbine business has made such a progress as bs green. As a result of our succes of buying and selling 13 used windturbines  on Fehmarn in 2006 we have done the biggest repowering project on Fehmarn in 2008 with a buying and selling project of 25 used windturbines. In december 2008 we have bought another 9 pieces of Vestas V25.

Because of the unique project approach bs green has developed in the past years we have managed a repoweringproject of 25 used windturbines in a short period of time.
Therfor bs green is now aday one of the biggest used windturbine buyer and seller worldwide.
Since 2004 we have sold more than 300 used windturbines worldwide and you can rely on our skills and experience we have gained during the past years.  

We experience that our clients come back to us after they have bought their first turbine from us. Also we have experienced that an on going saying about the unique project approach of bs green has turned into expansion and growth of our business and our clients.

At this moment we can exclusively offer used windturbines up to a range of 2MW.

With our Danish, German and Dutch portfolio we can offer reliable and proven used windturbine technologie for almost all regions under almost all wheather conditions.

Due to our unique project approach we are able to make every project as a succes project. This uniqueness we offer to our worldwide clients result in a thrustworthy and commited long term relationship with our clients. Due to this unique approach we are able to recognize very quick all upcoming issues in every state of the process. Only by trust to our clients will guarantee the quality we are comitted to.

Bs green is a worldwide national and international acting flexible organisation. As a result of our service we are able to deliver the highest quality our clients may expect from us.
Due to our international offices we are able to react quick on our customers requests within a short period of time.

Because of the fact that we advise our clients from the first call during their whole used wind turbine project we are able to give them our best service.
Every used wind turbine project has his own challenges and bs green has the knowledge to turn every used wind turbine project into a succesfull project for our clients.


  • Vestas V25-200kW